How to Install Inspire Planner

    Inspire Planner is a complete and native Project Management app for Salesforce. You can install Inspire Planner from the Salesforce AppExchange. When installing Inspire Planner, you can choose to install in either your Salesforce Production Org or in a Sandbox. This help article will walk you through how to install Inspire Planner.


    Please note: You need to be a Salesforce Administrator to be able to install Inspire Planner.


    1. First, log in to your Salesforce org.
    2. Click on the App Launcher found at the top left corner.

    3. Click on View All at the bottom of the list.

    4. Click on Visit AppExchange at the top right.

    5. Search for "Inspire Planner" and click on Inspire Planner in the search results list.

    6. Click on Get It Now.

    7. Click on Open Login Screen.

    8. You will be asked to allow access to your Salesforce information. Click on Allow.


    9. Next, you will need to specify where you would like to install Inspire Planner. You can choose to install in the org you are already signed in to or you can choose to install in a sandbox org.


    10. Check the box for "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions" and click on Confirm and Install.


    11. Select Install for Admins Only and click on Install.


    12. Select the box for "Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites" and click on Continue.


    13. You will then see a message informing you that Inspire Planner is being installed and granting access to Admins Only. 


    14. If it is taking time to install, it may display the message below. Click on Done and you will receive an email when it has finished installing.

      Once Inspire Planner is installed, you will need to complete the Post-install configuration




    Installing Inspire PlannerAdministration

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