Navigating the Inspire Planner Toolbar

    Need some help getting around Inspire Planner? Easily fixed! We’ve listed a few quick tips for navigating Inspire Planner to help you make the most of the app.

    Let’s get your project up and running!

    Locate Projects

    The Project Name can be found on the upper left-hand corner of the page. The Toolbar is the left icon panel. The Gantt Toolbar is on the upper right-hand corner of the page. See image below.


    The Toolbar is the left icon panel found beside the project name. The icons help organize the Task List and Gantt Chart. Unsure of what the icons do? See the table below or hover over each one for a brief description.

    Undo Icon

    Undo Action - Allows user to undo previous actions, which can only be done prior to saving changes.

    Redo Icon

    Repeat Action - Allows user to redo actions, which can only be done prior to saving changes.

    View Project Detail Icon

    View Project Detail - Allows the user to view the details of a particular project.

    Project Chatter Feed Icon

    Chatter Discussion for Project - Allows users to launch the Chatter feed of their project.

    Save Project Plan Icon

    Save Project Plan - Allows users to saves their changes.

    Save As Icon

    Save As – Allows users to clone their projects.

    Export to Excel Icon

    Export to Excel - Allows the user to save a copy of the current Project Task List into an Excel file format. 

    Print Project Plan Icon

    Print Project Plan - Allows the user to make a computer printout of the Project Task List or the Gantt Chart.

    View All Project Attachments Icon

    View All Project Attachments - Allows the user to view a list of attachments of the particular project.

    List All Salesforce Tasks Icon

    List All Salesforce Tasks - Allows the user to view a list of all tasks for a particular project, who these tasks are assigned to, their status, and description of each task.

    Outdent Selected Task Icon

    Outdent Selected Task - Allows the user to move selected task to the left.

    Indent Selected Task Icon

    Indent Selected Task - Allows the user to move selected task to the right.

    Collapse All Tasks Icon

    Collapse All Tasks - Allows the user to compress a view of a hierarchy so that only the roots of each branch is visible.

    Expand All Tasks Icon

    Expand All Tasks - Allows the user spread out a view of a hierarchy, which makes the entire branch visible.

    Insert New Task Icon

    Insert New Task - Allows the user to insert a new task in a particular project.

    Delete Selected Task Icon

    Delete Selected Task - Allows the user to delete a selected task

    Display Task List Icon  and Hide Task List Icon

    Display Task List and Hide Task List - Allows the user to display the Task List, and hide the Task List.

    Display in Full Screen Mode Icon

    Display in Full Screen Mode (only supported in Salesforce Classic)

    Add Project Collaborator Icon

    Add Project Collaborator – Allows the user to share a project with other users or contacts.

    Display Project Critical Path Icon

    Display Project Critical Path – Allows the user to view a highlighted critical path of a particular on the Gantt chart.

    Set New Baseline - Allows the user to populate the Baseline Duration, Start and Finish for each task.


    Show Baseline Task Bars - Allows the user to view the Baseline bars in the Gantt chart.

    The most important button is the Save Project Plan () icon. Always remember to click this icon regularly, and right after entering key project information.  If you exit without saving, Inspire Planner will not save the changes.

    When edits are made to your project, red indicators mark all unsaved changes, acting as a reminder to save your changes.

    Image Showing Red Marks - Unsaved Changes

    Gantt Toolbar

    The Gantt Toolbar icons relate to the Gantt chart.

    Move to Previous Timespan Icon

    Move to Previous Timespan - Allows the user to move the the Gantt chart to a previous timespan

    Move to Next Timespan Icon

    Move to Next Timespan - Allows the user to move the Gantt chart to the next timespan

    Zoom Out on Timeline Icon

    Zoom Out on Timeline - Allows you to zoom out to see a larger time period.

    Zoom In on Timeline Icon

    Zoom In on Timeline - Allows you to zoom in on the timeline to see more gradations between the second marks.

    Zoom to Full Timeline Icon

    Zoom to Full Timeline – Allows the user to zoom the Gantt chart out to include all tasks.

    Define Start and End Time of Workday Icon

    Define Start and End Time of Workday - Defines project settings such as Start and End Time of Workday

    Display Gantt Chart Icon and Hide Gantt Chart Icon

    Display Gantt Chart and Hide Gantt Chart - Allows the user to display or hide the Gantt chart.


    Task List

    The next set of icons relate to your Task List.

    File Attachment Indicator Icon

    File Attachment Indicator – is usually grayed out but is highlighted when a file is uploaded to a particular task

    Salesforce Task Status Icon

    Salesforce Task Status – is usually grayed out but is highlighted when a task is assigned to a user or contact

    Chatter Message Indicator Icon

    Chatter Message Indicator – is usually grayed out but is highlighted when a message is posted, a file is uploaded, or other recent activities.


    Undo and Repeat Action Abilities

    The Inspire Planner has the ability to undo and repeat actions almost anything related to tasks. Of course, these actions must be made before saving, which means that after clicking the Save Project Plan ( )icon, you cannot undo or repeat actions made.

    The ability to undo and repeat actions is related only to tasks though. So for instance, you cannot undo uploading a file, sharing a chatter post, or adding collaborator to your project. You also cannot undo task assignments.

    Both icons are initially grayed out and become active once you make edits or actions to the project task list that can be undone or redone. A red indicator shows up in an edited cell.

    The image below shows that the second task name has a red indicator on the upper left corner of its cell, which means that the content has been modified. The Undo Action icon is now activated.

    To learn more about the Task List, check out the Inspire Planner Help tab on the Tab Bar for How-To Guides, or submit a Help Ticket and the Inspire Support Team will get back to you.


    Getting Started

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