Summer 19 - Release Notes

    Inspire Planner's Summer 19 Release is out! See below for what's included!


    New Features


    Saving Performance OptimizationOptimized saving performance by saving only items that have been edited instead of saving the entire project.
    Resource AllocationThis feature provides you with the ability to search for resources by attributes and see each resource's capacity and availability. 
    Resource Allocation - Ability to create Salesforce TasksResource Allocation also provides you with the ability to create Salesforce Tasks for booking vacation time and reserving time for future projects.
    Resource AttributesAllows you to create attributes such as skill, certification, region or expertise and assign them to resources so you can easily identify them
    Predecessor Task ComponentA new component has been added to Salesforce Tasks which displays the task's predecessors and their status. In Salesforce Lightning environment, this appears as a new lightning component while in Salesforce Classic, it appears as a VisualForce component. 
    New Field Set Added to Project Task ObjectA new field set has been added to the Project Task object which allows you to add custom Project Task fields to the Project interface.
    New Field Set Added to Time Entry ObjectA new field set has been added to the Time Entry object which allows you to add custom fields to the Time Entry dialogue box.
    Nightly Job to Reconcile and RollupA nightly service job has been added which will calculate and update Days Overdue for Project Tasks. It also calculates and updates Planned Value for Projects. 
    Task Status Reconciliation JobA nightly service job has been added to reconcile Salesforce Task status with Inspire Project Tasks to ensure they are synchronized.
    Hourly Rate on Salesforce TaskAdded a new field called "Hourly Rate" on the Contact, User and Task objects. Inspire Planner will automatically populate Task Hourly Rate field, when applicable, via an automated Trigger.
    New Report Types AddedAdded two (2) new report types to simplify reporting on Resource task assignment and time tracking. The new report types added are 'Resource Utilization' and 'Project Time Tracking'.




    Time Tracker - Default Project Task ListUpdated the default Project Task list to display only tasks that belong to Projects with Finish Dates less than 90 days from the current date. This reduces the number of historical tasks and improves performance.
    Time Tracker - Align with Lightning StylesVisual updates made to Time Tracker and Resources Page to align with Salesforce Lightning style.
    Resource Allocation - Pin ResourcesUpdated the Resource Allocation page to allow you to pin resources. This feature make it easy for you to view resources you regularly work with.
    Custom Action for Time EntryNew Log Time button and page added for Salesforce mobile experience.
    Home Icon Launches New TabClicking the Home icon in the left icon panel within a project will now launch the Project details in a new browser tab instead of a dialogue box.  This will provide users full view of the Project record.
    Resource Allocation Icon UpdatesWhen opening Resource Allocation from a Project, it now opens the page in a new tab instead of a dialogue box. Resources are no longer automatically loaded and instead will display only when you search by resource attributes and display only pinned resources. This is to improve performance when viewing resources.


    Resolved Issues


    Time Tracker - French Local IssueFixed formatting issues. Time Tracker now works correctly for French locale.
    Time Tracker - Filter Tasks by Owner OnlyUpdated the task filter to remove tasks that belonged to Contacts.
    Corrupted User Project SettingsResolved the issue where user project settings were being corrupted and column widths were resetting to all equal widths.
    Status Not Rolling Up due to % CompleteResolved the issue where % Complete remains at 0 when a Project Task Status is updated.
    Actual Effort Rollup FailuresResolved the issue where time entries not rolling up to Actual Effort
    Time Tracker - Creating Blank Time Entry RecordsResolved the issue where blank time entries were being created when time is entered via the weekly view in Time Tracker.


    Release Notes

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