Summer 20 - Release Notes

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's Summer 20 Release:


    New Features


    Define Non-working Days and Weeks
    for a Project
    A new "Show Calendar" icon is available within the Project UI which allows you to define non-working days and weeks for the project.
    Salesforce Task Notes/Comments and
    % Complete now included in Task Synch

    Notes/Comments and % Complete entered in Salesforce Task now synch to Project Task.

    Admin Note: enable access to these new fields for your users.  Assigning tasks will fail if access is not provided.

    Assign Tasks to Queues

    You can now assign Tasks to Queues

    New "Ready to Start" indicator based on PredecessorsA new checkbox called "Ready to Start" is now available on Project Tasks and Salesforce Tasks. This checkbox is set to "TRUE" when all Predecessor have been met.
    New Time Tracker - Stop Watch ComponentA new Lightning Component called "Inspire - Task Stopwatch" is now available and can be added to Salesforce Tasks. The Task Stopwatch component allows users to track their time as they work on their tasks.
    New Slack and Constraint FeatureYou can now specify constraints for Project Tasks and Slack is automatically calculated based on the number of days padding before it impacts any successors.






    Improved Project Save LogicOptimization of save logic to resolve CPU limit issues for projects. Project save now executes in batches, saving a batch of project tasks at a time. A new custom setting called "Batch Save Size" has been added to allow you to control the size of the batches. The default is at 200.
    % Allocation View Added to
    Resource Allocation Page
    Added a new option to view % Allocation in Resource Allocation Page 
    Resource Allocation Page - Updated Task Colors and Added Project Launch IconTasks now display in different colors:
    • Completed = Green
    • Late (where task is not completed and current date > Finish Date) = Red
    • Not Completed = Grey
    • In Progress = Blue

    We also added a new icon beside each task which will launch the related Project.

    Time Tracker Tab View
    Defaults to Weekly
    Updated the default view for Time Tracker Tab to Weekly view instead of Daily.
    sysStatusChangedInSFTask will no longer be usedPreviously, if the Salesforce Task was updated first, it was flagged as Master as indicated by the checkbox sysStatusChangedInSFTask being set to "TRUE". This meant that subsequent status updates made to the task from the Project UI would not sync to the Salesforce Task which caused some confusion amongst Inspire Planner Users. As such, we are no longer going to be using the sysStatusChangedInSFTask and any status updates made - whether from the Saleforce Task or Project UI - will sync accordingly.
    Copy/Paste Feature Now Includes Custom FieldsWhen copying/pasting tasks within the Project UI, any information entered within custom fields are also copied/pasted along with the tasks. 

    Actual Effort displays in Red when Greater
    than Planned Effort

    The Actual Effort now displays in Red when it is greater than the Planned Effort. 
    Salesforce Task Record Type Custom SettingA new setting called "Salesforce Task RecordType" has been added to Custom Settings page where you can specify the Task Record Type to be used when Inspire Planner creates Salesforce Tasks. 
    Consolidated Scheduled Apex Batch JobsWe've consolidated all Inspire Planner Jobs into two - Inspire Planner Beacon and Inspire Planner Nightly Processes. You will need to run the jobs. Please refer to this article: How to Run Inspire Planner Apex Jobs.
    New Successors FieldWe have replaced the previous Successors field with a new one to allow for Successors that exceed 255 characters. 
    Ability to Print Task Hierarchy as Displayed OnscreenWhen printing, if rows and sections are collapsed, then print out will reflect the hierarchy structure you see onscreen.


    Resolved Issues


    Task Sync Queue not updating
    Project Task Status Correctly
    Fixed an issue where the Task Sync Queue was not updating Project Task Statuses other than "In Progress" and "Completed.
    Project UI Does not support
    Field Level Security
    Project UI now supports Field Level Security
    User Portfolio Settings Not
    Saving Correctly
    Resolved an issue with User Portfolio Settings not saving correctly which prevented users from opening the affected Portfolio.
    Unable to Change Project Owner
    to Standard User
    Resolved an issue with changing the Project Owner to a Standard user.
    CPU limit issue for certain operations
    related to Salesforce Tasks
    Optimization has been applied to a trigger an Salesforce Task object to prevent CPU limit being hit.
    CronJobDetail is Not Supported ErrorUpdates have been made to system batch jobs to address the "CronJobDetail is not supported error". Inspire Planner system user no longer executes the jobs. All system jobs will now be executed by Administrator who schedules the jobs.
    & Not Displaying Correctly and renders as &amp& now displays correctly
    Displaying and Saving Tasks with Blank Row NumbersIf there are Project Tasks missing a row number, Inspire Planner now automatically displays them at the bottom of the project and the row number is auto-populated on Save.
    emailTemplate ID - When Blank Creates IssueResolved the issue where if the custom setting "Collaborator Invitation Email ID" is blank, it results in an endless spinning progress indicator when a user clicks on the Add Collaborator icon. The system will not always load the default email template and an appropriate error message will be displayed if one is missing.
    Too many SOQL queries: 101 ErrorsOptimized Salesforce Task Trigger to address some scenarios where updates results in "Too manu SOQL queries: 101" errors.

    Apex Error -

    Resolved the Apex Error -
    Project Save As/Clone Feature Not Copying Custom FieldsWhen creating a new Project using Save As/Clone feature, it now also copies values in Project Custom Fields.
    Currency Custom Project Task Field does not display Currency SymbolCurrency Custom Project Task Field now displays currency symbol and defaults to $0.00
    Salesforce Task not deleted when Project Task is deletedThe related Salesforce Tasks are now automatically deleted when a Project Task is deleted.


    Upgraded JQuery to version 3.5.1Upgrade addresses vulnerabilities from previous version.



    Release Notes

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