Using the Inspire Planner External Project Portal

    Inspire Planner provides you with the ability to share projects with external contacts by adding them as a project collaborator. 


    When a project is shared with an external contact, the contact receives an email with a link that lets them view the project and update their assigned tasks via the Inspire Planner External Portal. This help article covers how an external contact views projects and updates tasks within the portal.


    To enable the Inspire Planner External Project Portal, please see Admin Guide - Enable the Inspire Planner External Project Portal.


    Please Note:

    • Only waterfall Projects can be shared externally in the Inspire Planner External Portal. Agile and Task List Project types are not supported.
    • Projects in the external project portal can only be shared with Salesforce contacts and not Salesforce users.


    Start with the video below:



    Share the Project

    In order for an external contact to be able to see a project and tasks assigned to them, they would first need to be added as a project collaborator on the project.

    To learn how, see this article: 

    Share a Project (Project Collaborators)


    Once the contact has been added a project collaborator, the contact receives an email notifying them that a project has been shared with them.


    The Project Name appears as an active link. When the contact clicks on the link, it takes them to the Inspire Planner External Portal.


    The succeeding steps in this article is written from the point of view of the contact.


    Create an Account

    The first time you visit the Inspire Planner Portal, you will be prompted to create an account.


    By default, it will use your email address as the username. You will then need to provide a password and click on Register.



    Log In to the Portal

    Once registered, you can then use the same email address and password to log in to the portal.


    Helpful hint: When logging in, select "Remember me". This will store the login email and password on the page and will make it easier to sign in the next time.



    View Projects

    Once logged in, you will see a list of Projects that have been shared with you. Click on a Project name to view the Project.


    If the full project was shared with you, then you will see the entire project schedule including the Gantt chart. Otherwise, you will only see the tasks assigned to you.

    Update Assigned Tasks

    If there are Project tasks assigned to you, you are able to update the status of the task, log actual effort and enter a brief description.


    To view and update assigned tasks, click on the List my Salesforce Tasks icon within the Project toolbar on the left.


    A window, containing the specific Salesforce tasks assigned to you, will open. You can then choose to update the following information:


    • Status
    • Actual Effort - enter the total time spent working on the task (for example, if it took 1 hour and 15 minutes, then enter as 1.25)
    • Description 


    Please note that Due Date and Planned Effort is defined by the Project Manager and cannot be modified.


    Simply close the window when finished. The changes you made is then synched with the project in Inspire Planner.



    Project Toolbar

    The Project Toolbar, located on the left, contains icons that allow you to navigate and perform different actions within the Project. You will notice that some icons are grayed out. These are actions reserved for Project Managers.



    Gantt Chart Toolbar

    The Gantt Chart Toolbar, located at the top right corner, contains icons that allow you to navigate and perform different actions within the Gantt Chart.



    Logging Out

    To log out of the Portal, you can either close your browser or click on the log out button at the top right corner of the page.



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