Project Locking

    In Inspire Planner, when a Project is being edited by a user, it is locked for everyone else. This means that only one person can be editing the Project at any given time. This is because the Inspire Planner scheduling engine calculates and makes adjustments to project tasks based on the changes the user is making. 


    How a Project is Locked


    • A Project is locked when a user edits the Project.
    • If two (or more) users are viewing the Project and one user starts editing the Project, then if any other Inspire Planner user attempts to edit, they get a message that the Project has been locked during the time they were viewing the Project and will therefore have to wait until the Project is no longer locked for them to make their changes.


    What happens when the Project is Locked


    • Other Inspire Planner users can still open the Project and view it but they will not be able to edit until the Project is unlocked.
    • Resources can still update their Salesforce Tasks and log time. When the Inspire Planner Beacon, which synchronizes Salesforce Tasks and Project Task, runs and it sees that the Project is locked, the updates to the Project Tasks from the Salesforce Tasks go into a queue. When the Project is no longer locked, the updates to the Project Tasks are then applied based on the queue.


    How a Project is Unlocked


    • When the user editing the Project has saved all their changes, when the Inspire Planner Beacon runs and sees that the Project is no longer being edited, the Beacon will then unlock the Project.


    Potential Issues


    • In some cases, a Project remains locked even when no user is editing it. This typically happens if the Inspire Planner Beacon, the job responsible for unlocking Projects, is no longer running or scheduled in your Salesforce org. You can resolve this by re-scheduling the Beacon. See article on How to Schedule Inspire Planner Apex Jobs.


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