Ready to Start

    The Ready to Start checkbox on both Project Task and Salesforce Task indicates when a task is ready to start.

    Inspire Planner automatically sets the Project Task "Ready to Start" to TRUE based on the status of it's predecessor tasks.


    Predecessor TypeReady to Start is TRUE when
    Finish to StartPredecessor Task is Complete (or equivalent) and the task start date has been reached
    Start to StartPredecessor Task is In Progress, Completed (or equivalent) and the task start date has been reached
    Finish to FinishAlways TRUE
    Start to FinishPredecessor Task is In Progress, Completed (or equivalent) and the task start date has been reached


    When you adjust the status of a predecessor task according to the chart above, there is a trigger in Inspire Planner that will automatically set "Ready to Start" to TRUE on both the Project Task and the related Salesforce Task.


    Please Note:

    Even if the predecessor task Finish Date has passed and/or the successor task start date has been reached, if the predecessor task status has not met the conditions in the table above, then Ready to Start will be FALSE for the successor task.


    Viewing "Ready to Start" Indicator in Project Interface

    To see the Ready to Start column in the Project UI, simply hover over any column heading and click on the dropdown arrow.

    Please note 

    "Ready to Start" in the Project UI does not automatically refresh when changes are made to the status of its predecessor tasks. You will need to manually refresh the interface to see updates. When referencing the "Ready to Start" indicator, it is best to view it on the related Salesforce Task instead since the assigned resource should be working from the Salesforce Tasks. 



    Go to Columns and scroll through the list of fields until you see "Ready to Start". Check the box to add it to your Project UI.



    Viewing "Ready to Start" Indicator in Salesforce Tasks

    As mentioned at the beginning of this help article, when a the status of a task is changed to "Completed", "In Progress", or equivalent, Inspire Planner automatically sets its successor task "Ready to Start" to TRUE for both the Project Task and related Salesforce Task. This section will walk you through how to add the "Ready to Start" checkbox on your Salesforce Tasks.


    1. Click on the Gear Icon at the top right corner and go to Setup.

    2. Go to Object Manager.

    3. Enter "Task" in the Quick Find box at the top right corner and click on Task.

    4. Go to Page Layouts.

    5. Locate the Task Page Layout you are using then click on the drop down arrow on the right and click on Edit.

    6. Drag the "Ready to Start" field from the list of available fields at the top, to your desired area on the page. When finished, click on Save.


    If you still cannot see the "Ready to Start" field in Project Task and/or Salesforce Task even after you've added it to the page layouts, you likely need to set the field-level security to visible. Please see Set Field-Level Security for Ready to Start Field


    If you would like to receive email notifications when your tasks are ready to be started, you will need to configure an email alert workflow. Please see Configuring Email Notifications for Ready-to-Start Tasks.


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