Winter 21 - Release Notes

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's Winter 21 Release.

    Release Date:

    Sandboxes: 12/28/2020
    Production: 01/13/2021


    New Features


    Resources - Add Custom Fields to New TaskCreated a new field set called "Inspire Planner Custom Task Fields" in the Salesforce Task Object to provide users with the ability to create custom fields and have them displayed in the Create Task window when creating a new Task from the Resource Allocation page.
    Added "Total Slack"We've renamed "Slack" to "Free Slack" and added a new field called "Total Slack"
    New "Sync Collaborators" button in
    Inspire Planner Settings
    A new "Sync Collaborators" button has been added to Inspire Planner Settings page that will run a job to reconcile Salesforce Sharing records and Project Collaborators. 
    New Icon to Launch Project Task pageA new icon column has been added to the Project UI to launch the Project Task record page in a new browser tab.  By default the column is hidden and can be made visible by selecting the 'Open Project Task' column from the Columns context menu.



    Query Optimizations to Resource AllocationWe added query optimizations to the Resources Page to improve performance with large data volumes.
    "Effort" Renamed to "Time Spent"Renamed "Efforts" field to "Time Spent" on Time Entry Object to be more consistent with Time Tracker interface.
    Project Notes changed from Rich Text
    to Plain Text
    We changed Project Notes from Rich Text to Plain Text to align with Salesforce Task Comments which only supports Plain Text 
    Task Predecessor/Successor Component
    now Supports Task Queues
    We updated the Task Predecessor/Successor Component to now display Task Queues in the Assigned To column if the task is assigned to a Queue. 
    Time Tracker Query OptimizationsWe made optimizations to the Time Tracker entry page to improve performance
    Disable Stop Watch Log Buttons
    when saving record
    The Log Time button in the Stop Watch will now be disabled until record is saved to prevent user from clicking the button multiple times which results in duplicate time entries.
    Milestones scheduled to start of dayMilestones are currently scheduled to the end of they.  With this release Milestones will be now scheduled to the start of the working day to align with other mainstream project management applications such as MS Project.  

    This may have impacts to your successor tasks if Milestones are set as predecessors.  This will only take effect if the Milestone start/finish dates are updated.
    Time Tracker includes Booking tasksTime Tracker page now includes all Booking tasks (tasks with Scheduled As populated such as Future Project or Vacation).  These tasks are now displayed at the top of the task list under the Non-Project Tasks section.
    Time Tracker custom object sort orderWhen logging time outside of Project Tasks, list of records will now be sorted in alphabetical order.  For example, list of Accounts or Opportunities will be sorted in alphabetical order.
    Project Team Auto Assignment OptimizationThe auto assign feature has been optimized to run asynchronously to better support Projects with large number of Project Tasks.
    Task Information Dialogue - ID
    column replaced
    Within the Task Information dialogue box, the ID column has been replaced from the Salesforce ID to the Row # of the task.
    Resources - new booking task launch iconNew icon added to left of Booking task (Schedule As tasks) that will launch the task Related To record in a new browser tab.  For example, if the Task is related to an Opportunity, the icon will launch the related Opportunity record in new browser tab.


    Resolved Issues


    Task Sync Queue not updating
    Project Task Status Correctly
    Fixed an issue where the Task Sync Queue was not updating Project Task Statuses other than "In Progress" and "Completed.
    Stop Watch - Time Entries Not
    Being Created
    Resolved an issue where time entry records where not being created by the Stop Watch.
    Task Queues display issue in Assigned To columnIn some cases, Task Queues were not displaying correct under the Assigned To column.  This issue has been resolved.

    Manual sharing (Collaborators) get
    deleted when Project Owner gets

    Logic has been updated to re-add Collaborators after a Project Owner has been updated.
    Actual Cost and Budgeted Cost do not reference the currency symbol
    custom setting
    The Actual and Budgeted Cost columns now correctly references the Currency Symbol custom setting.  This setting is used to assign a custom symbol to currency values such as €.
    Resources page - Planned Effort not
    distributing correctly across duration.
    A time zone issue with the Resources page resulted in Planned Effort not distributing correctly across the task duration.  This time zone issue has been resolved. 
    Resources page - calendar columns
    Column widths have been expanded to better display 4 character values.
    Chatter group members being removed
    from Group after saving Project
    Chatter group members are no longer removed when using Chatter groups.
    Assigned To - search did not work when
    User or Contact includes apostrophe
    in name
    Search now works for Users or Contacts with apostrophes.
    Manual Creation of Salesforce Task not displaying in Resources Allocation.Previously, creating a Salesforce Task with the Schedule As field populate did not display on the Resource allocation page.  These tasks now appear correctly.



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