Winter 22 - Release Notes

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's Winter 22 Release.


    Release Date:

    Sandboxes:  December 1, 2021
    Production: December 15, 2021


    New Features




    Impact/Action Needed

    New Checklist Feature
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     We've added a new Checklist feature which allows you to create checklist items that need to be completed as part of a task. If you have custom permission sets, you will need to grant access to the Checklist Item Object. If you have a custom Salesforce Task Lighting Record Page, you will also need to add the Inspire Checklist component on the page. For complete configuration instructions, please see Enable Checklist Feature
    New Timesheet Feature We've added a new Timesheet feature that allows you to create and submit weekly timesheets.  
    New Batch Job to Auto Create Timesheets We've added a new Apex batch job that can be scheduled which will automatically create Timesheets each week.  
    New Risk Register New object called "Risks & Issues" to track, manage and report on project risks in order to mitigate potential issues. 

    If you have custom permission sets, you will need to grant access to the Risks & Issues Object. You will also need to adjust your Project Page Layout to include the Risks & Issues Related List. If you have a custom Project Lightning Record Page, you will need to add a tab for Risks & Issues. For complete configuration instructions, please see Configuring the Project Risk Register

    New Report Types
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     The following new Report Types have been added:
    • Projects with Risks & Issues
    • Projects with Project Tasks with Checklist Items
    • Timesheet Reporting





    Impact/Action Needed

    Portfolio Viewer Dashboard - Project Name is now an active link The Project Name in the Home Page Portfolio Viewer component is now an active link which will launch the Project in a new tab.  
    Project - Flag to create Project Team Member via Automation A new system field called "sysAutomatedTeamCreate" has been added. When this is set to TRUE, login will assign Project Team tasks synchronously.  
    Project - Added Save Short Key We've added a short key (CTRL + S) to invoke Save action for Projects.  
    Project - Added Custom Setting to Unmap Project Task Status and % Complete Added a new Custom Setting called "Disable Status Mapping to % Complete". When this setting is TRUE, Project Task status updates no longer update % Complete.  
    Project - Increased Duration and Lag Limit to 10 years We've increased the duration and lag limit to 3650 days (10 years).  
    Project - Reconcile Roll-up Data Button A new button called "Reconcile Rollup Data" has been added to the Project Detail Page. When user clicks the button, Inspire Planner will perform a recalculation of all roll-up data.
    • Project Task
      • Actual Effort - from Time Entries
      • Total Planned Effort - from Salesforce Tasks
      • Overdue
      • Days Overdue
    • Project
      • All Project Task rollups and SalesforceTask rollup fields are calculated in real-time. Once the Project Task data is updated, Project values are immediately calculated.
    Project Team - Auto-populate Hourly Rate When Hourly Rate is left blank when creating a Project Team record, it will now auto-populate with the Hourly Rate from the Resource's record.  
    Project Team - Added option to add Team Member as a Project Collaborator
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     We added a new option to Project Team which will allow you to automatically add the team member as a collaborator on the Project and also define their permission level. To enable this feature in your org, please see Project Team - Enable Option to Add as Collaborators
    Project Team - Added Total Planned Effort and Total Actual Effort We added two (2) new fields to the Project Team record to provide you a roll-up of the Total Planned Effort and Total Actual Effort for each team member for the Project. If you have custom permission sets, you will need to grant access to the following fields in Project Team Object:
    • Total Planned Effort
    • Total Actual Effort

    You will also need to add them to your Project Team Page Layout. For complete configuration instructions see Project Team - Add Total Planned and Total Actual Effort Fields

    Added Salesforce Task Trigger to Custom Settings We added the Salesforce Task trigger to the custom setting called "Disable Triggers for Data Migration".  
    Resources - "Related To" added to "Schedule As" Tasks We've added a "Related To" field for "Schedule As" tasks created in the Resource Allocation page.  
    Trigger Updated to Prevent Duplicate Assignments Validation has been added to prevent duplicate Salesforce Tasks from being created when tasks are assigned.  
    Salesforce Task - Prevent Subject Overwrite When a user tries to modify the Subject of a Salesforce Task related to an Inspire Project Task, it will be overwritten with the Subject from the Inspire Project Task.  
    Salesforce Task - Unassigned Tasks are no longer deleted when Actual Effort is greater than 0 When a Task is unassigned from a Resource, the related Salesforce Task is no longer deleted if Actual Effort is greater than 0. This means that there are related Time Entries for the task.  
    Salesforce Task - Trigger to Prevent Duplicate Assignment We've added a trigger with stricter validation to prevent duplicate task assignments.  
    "Assigned To" now only creates Salesforce Task when Project is Saved "Assigned To" will now only create a Salesforce Task when the Project is saved. This helps to avoid Salesforce Tasks from being created prior to the user completing all their Task updates resulting in the Salesforce Task potentially updating multiple times after assigned. We've also added validation to prevent creation of Project Team records for the same resource with a different role.  
    Stop Watch - Added Field Set We've added a field set in Time Entry object which allows you to add custom fields to the Stop Watch component.  
    Time Entry - Added "Hourly Rate" field We've added a new "Hourly Rate" field in the Time Entry object.   

    Resolved Issues




    Impact/Action Needed

    Project - Blank Subject row is creating a Project Task record Resolved an issue where if the Task Subject is blank, it was still creating a Project Task record.  
    Project - Users without "Delete" Permissions cannot edit a Project We've updated our validation so that Project Object does not require "Delete" permissions for a user to be able to edit the Project.  
    Project - Saving Loop when there is an Active Column Filter Resolved an issue where when "Save on Open" is TRUE and there is an active column filter in the Project, it was resulting in an endless save loop.  
    Project - Copy/Paste of Tasks does not include Planned Effort Resolved an issue where when copying and pasting project tasks, the Planned Effort was not being copied.  
    Project - Hiding Gantt Chart Not Saving Resolved an issue where when user hides the Gantt chart, it was not saving as part of the User Project Settings record.  
    Time Tracker - Does Not Support Custom Formula Fields Time Tracker now support custom formula fields and will no longer throw an error when user logs time.  
    Time Tracker - Work Description being copied for new Time Entires for the same Task Resolved an issue where the Work Description was being copied over to new Time Entries logged for the same Task in Time Tracker.  
    Time Tracker - Only Showing Tasks in the week of Start Date Resolved an issue where Tasks were only displaying for the week in Time Tracker based on Start Date instead of duration.  
    Time Tracker - Custom Picklist Fields displaying API Names Resolved an issue where when adding custom picklist fields in Time Entry Field Set, it was displaying the API names instead of the picklist values.  
    Templates should not create User Project Settings Record For Projects with "Is Template" is TRUE, when a user makes changes to the Project Schedule Layout (hiding/unhiding columns, re-ordering columns, etc.), it will no longer create a User Project Settings record. It will also now apply the user's changes as the default view for the template (and all Projects created from it after) regardless of who is making the change.   
    Project Template Stitching - Stitching overwrites first task When using the Project Template Stitching feature, the first row of the Project was previously being overwritten with the Project Name. Now, it will copy and merge the template exactly as is and will not overwrite any rows.  
    Salesforce Task - Subject is blank when task is assigned to a Queue Resolved an issue where when a Project is reloaded/opened, the related Salesforce Task Subject is blank if the task is assigned to a Queue.  
    Salesforce Task - Custom Fields Not Displaying in Assignment Window When adding Custom Fields to the Inspire Planner - Project UI Fields Field Set in Salesforce Tasks, the field does not display under the Salesforce Tasks section of the Task Assignment window.  
    Print Function cuts off top 1.5 rows when Gantt Chart is hidden Resolved an issue where when the Gantt Chart is hidden and the Project is printed, the resulting PDF is missing the top 1.5 rows of the Project.  
    Resource Allocation - Resource Availability showing as 8 hours when in Weekly or Monthly view Resolved an issue where the Resource's availability was always displaying the daily availability even when the view was adjusted to Weekly or Monthly.   

    Retired Features




    Impact/Action Needed

    Project - Use Chatter Free Group & Chatter Group ID This setting allows you to enable Project Chatter in the Inspire Planner External Portal.  For existing customers, we wil continue to support this feature until Dec 1, 2022



    Release Notes

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